Brownwood Offers Impressive Relocation Opportunity

2020 has brought a lot of challenges, blessings and a few big shifts. This year has reminded us that life can be hard, and the perks of city life can be fleeting. More and more, families are realizing that life is too short to live in dense cities.

Folks are looking beyond the big city limits, into Texas’ smaller cities seeking an easier – and more enjoyable – life that is full of heart, family and friendship that smaller towns are bursting with.

We’re seeing it here more and more – our friendly community expanding daily. Folks are in on Brownwood’s secret – high quality of life and low cost of living. Attracted by affordable housing, lucrative commercial real estate, and steady jobs, our new neighbors know that in the heart of Texas, your opportunities are endless.

If you’re looking to relocate or rebuild, we’re excited to share some of the reasons that Brownwood feels like home.

A great place to call home

We offer all the benefits and modern comforts of a big city, without the hassle and cost. Life is more affordable and enjoyably slower here without sacrificing excellent education, healthcare or entertainment options.

The keys to your dream house

If your growing family or business is cramped in the big city, Brownwood has spacious properties for every budget. Whether you’re hoping to build your dream house or move into a beautiful turnkey house, we have affordable homes and ready-to-build lots to raise your family.

We have numerous lots of various sizes and homes that fit every budget. Homes also hold their value here, we’re seeing a steady increase in appreciation as we grow decade over decade. And, wherever you set up shop – at the end of your workday, Brownwood feels like home. Because here, the good life is never a long commute away.

Out on the town

Our community offers vibrant family fun just minutes from your door. From great dining to boutiques, we have a lively downtown scene. Try a craft brew at Teddy’s Brewhaus, sample wine at Spirit of Texas Winery, or catch some music at Pioneer Tap House.

Head outdoors to enjoy our scenic adventure spots like Lake Brownwood State Park or our beautiful public parks and pools. We enjoy all amenities of a metro, but with the added benefits of a slower pace.

The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice your livelihood to build a life you love. Our job market is booming.

Professional opportunities abound

Looking to relocate your corporate headquarters? Establish a franchise? Transition your food truck to a bright cafe? Renovate a hotel? Build your professional service business?

The number one reason that people relocate is for work and Brownwood is ready to welcome you. In fact, our BMDD offers support and incentives through an intentional economic development plan. Entrepreneurs especially find that Brownwood is prime for business, but we also boast plentiful good jobs. And there’s plenty of room to grow.

Thanks to world-class companies like 3M and Kohler, our rich business community of small and family-owned businesses and a robust healthcare and higher education community, Brownwood is thriving with professional opportunity. From corporate to construction to hospitality, whatever your career stage, our growing economy has an opportunity for you.

Over and over, our entrepreneurs say that Brownwood is a great base for growth and success. Not only do the economic incentives help them thrive, but our commercial real estate options are affordable and plentiful.  We also have fantastic renovation opportunities across our bustling downtown corridor.

Interested in learning more about joining our professional community? Connect with the Brownwood Municipal Development District (BMDD) who committed to linking entrepreneurs, developers and investors with resources and economic development incentives. Or peruse the City of Brownwood’s careers page.

If you’re looking for a chance to start a new chapter – whether, for your family or your career, we may just have what you need here in the heart of Texas.
Reach out to chat more about life in Brownwood.

We’re excited to welcome you to Brownwood, where it feels like home.