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After spending a few days exploring the charming city of Brownwood, Texas I’ve put together a list of what to see, do and eat around the city. It’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

We visited Brownwood, TX as guests of Visit Brownwood for a media tour. All opinions are my own.

Texas seems to have endless small towns with plenty of charm and I recently visited one of these towns. My son and I recently took a 2 hour road trip to explore Brownwood, Texas.

Situated in the Texas hill country, with plenty of beautiful scenery and wide open spaces. It may be a small town, but it has a plethora of dining options and entertainment for all.

What to do in Brownwood, Texas - Carrie Elle Lifestyle Blog

My Texas small town tour continues (so many small Texas towns to explore!) in a town called Brownwood. I’m sharing some of the best things to do in Brownwood, Texas, with y’all today. From restaurants to outdoor activities to where to stay, I’ve got lots of info that will help you plan your trip to Brownwood!

Slow and Steady: A Gastronome’s Delight at the Turtle in Brownwood - Texas Highways

A busy work week behind us, my husband and I headed west from Fort Worth late on a Friday afternoon for a relaxing weekend of dining and adventure in Brownwood. “You can eat chicken-fried steak here in Cowtown without driving 150 miles,” our confounded friends at home suggested.

Undeterred, we wheeled onto Center Avenue in the Brown County seat at suppertime, pulling up to The Turtle for what I’d long heard was a revelatory gastronome’s experience. Just as we might in the city, we popped first into The Turtle’s narrow wine-and-cocktail space, the Enoteca, for a pre-dinner adult beverage.

The Hideout Golf Club and Resort in Brownwood, TX - Carrie Elle Lifestyle Blog

Last week I told you guys all about my family’s trip to Brownwood, Texas – a small town near Lake Brownwood, and today I want to follow that up with more info about our stay at The Hideout Golf Club and Resort. The Hideout is located in Brownwood, and it’s a family-friendly resort option near the lake with cabins, RV hookups, and really good food.

We stayed at The Hideout for free one night as guests of Visit Brownwood. You can see my full Brownwood story here. This is something I wanted to write about additionally, since I found myself searching for this information online and couldn’t find it…so I thought I’d write it up myself!

Downtown Brownwood: Eat, Stay, and Play in the Vibrant Heart of Texas - Texas Hill Country

Located in the heart of Texas, Brownwood is a charming Hill Country community which is a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Its pleasant downtown area, in the midst of revitalization, with a welcoming atmosphere, is as vibrant for its shopping as its dining. Brownwood is a place to explore and pass some time milling about the stores and enjoying the deliciously busy restaurant scene. Not only that, but the city is also being put on the map for the wine and craft beer industry.

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Before I got pregnant with Bryce, we traveled often. I can’t tell you how many random trips we would take throughout the year. Quinn and I would book flights and trips on a whim then just explore everything we could. The year I got pregnant was the big year of Zika and my OB suggested I didn’t travel to many of the places we had planned that year so our travels were put to a halt. 

Once Bryce was born, we decided that our travels weren’t going to stop because we had a baby. While traveling with a child is much different than traveling with adults, I have discovered traveling in a whole new light. I’m constantly looking for small towns with charm to discover. The amount of hidden gems in small towns around Texas is astonishing. I’m quite bummed I didn’t start discovering them earlier with intention.