High-Quality Shopping at Shaw’s Marketplace

In Brownwood’s ongoing story of reinvention and restoration, you can now add Shaw’s Marketplace to the impressive list of new businesses added to our downtown in 2021. Shaw’s is unique in many ways, the most notable being that it is packed with carefully curated vendors, selected by local owners, the McCrane Family. The brand itself also has a notable history.

A Name With History

In 1920, L.E. Shaw Sr., opened Shaw’s Model Laundry for business in Brownwood, Texas at its present location. A very well respected community leader and businessman, he was a member of the local Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Brown County Fair Association, and the State Laundrymen’s Association. Shaw’s was one of the largest laundry facilities in Central Texas. With 12,000 square feet of floor space, a fleet of early Ford Model T delivery trucks, and an original workforce of 15, it was the largest enterprise between Fort Worth and El Paso. At that time, many Brownwood businesses employed imported workers from neighboring towns. Mr. Shaw believed supporting local citizens who spent their money among the various enterprises in Brownwood, was crucial in the success of the early town. In 1939, Shaw’s installed a rustic tree trunk fountain where women of Brownwood could obtain soft water free of charge. The fountain can still be seen today located on the front of the building. From humble beginnings, Shaw’s has been known for its commitment to service and supporting the local economy. Moving forward with the new vision and new owners, their mission remains the same: “Service That Satisfies.”


A Family With Strong Local Ties

Many businesses are described as family-owned and operated, but Shaw’s takes it to another level. Steven & Lori McCrane are Brownwood natives that came back to town in 1994. Both have been very involved in local initiatives and organizations, and now handle Facilities Management and Vendor Relations at Shaw’s Marketplace. The rest of the McCrane family pitch in as well, with Lizzie handling Marketing and Event Planning. She graduated from Brownwood High School and has returned from college with a degree in merchandising to help with the new marketplace. Finally, Matthew and Megan McCrane round out the family leadership roles as co-owners. Megan has experience in operations and recruiting, and Matthew spent 4 years as an NFL kicker. They recently moved back to Brownwood to be a part of the efforts to restore downtown Brownwood. Not only do they run the marketplace, but within Shaw’s, Lizzie runs the With Love shop, Matt runs L.E. Shaw’s clothing, and Joe and May is run by Lorie. So to be accurate, Shaw’s Marketplace is composed of many family-run businesses.



Not Just Any Shopping Experience

The McCranes set out to curate a collection of vendors that were local artisans, offered high quality goods, or provided food and entertainment options. The end result is a shoppers dream with a variety of shops offering anything from candy treats at Shuga Pops, to boutique fashions from Saye it With Style, or outdoor adventure gear from Adventure Mule. Shaw’s Marketplace offers something for everybody, but it is not just the variety of vendors, it is the overall experience that the McCranes have created that is so impressive to anyone who visits for the first time.


Something Very Unique to Brownwood

There are plenty of mercantiles, marketplaces, boutiques, and collections of shops and vendors across the small towns of Texas. However, Shaw’s is something really special. The modern look and overall aesthetic connecting a variety of not so similar shops, but also maintaining a traditional connection to the building and history is something that the McCrane’s have done and it really is something to experience. Whether you want to stop in for coffee at Golden Hour Coffee Co, grab a little sugar rush, or shop for trendy women’s clothing, Shaw’s offers a place where you can do it all, and really enjoy the experience. 



An Opportunity to Grow

Shaw’s offers small businesses an opportunity to become more visible in their collection of high quality vendors. There are not currently any vendor locations available, but the McCrane’s have created a buzz on social media and the word of mouth that this is going to be something really special for our community. If you have a business that would be a great fit for Shaw’s, you can always contact the McCrane team here to get on the waiting list on being part of this unique shopping experience in Brownwood.