How to Spend A Weekend in Brownwood

Introducing Amanda

We invited Amanda Nelson, a social media influencer from Austin with big audiences on Instagram and Tik Tok known as Exploring Amanda, to visit Brownwood over Labor Day weekend. Amanda has traveled all over the world, but Texas is home and she told us she could not resist a good small-town Texas visit, so we gave her a few suggestions, but she explored the city over the long weekend on her own terms, and here is what she loved about her visit to Brownwood.



Wait, There is a Golf Club and Resort in Brownwood?

Like most people, Amanda was surprised by the luxury resort experience at The Hideout Golf Club & Resort. From the scenic views to the gourmet food and super comfortable accommodations, Amanda was taken back by the big city feel just a little bit outside of downtown Brownwood. With restful pools and proximity to Lake Brownwood, Amanda was able to start each morning with a luxury experience that was beyond what she was expecting.



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Discovering a New Favorite: The Turtle Restaurant

From the delicious award-winning food, the decadent dessert, and of course the stunning wine selection to the inviting back patio, The Turtle Restaurant ended up being a big favorite for Amanda. The Turtle is a Brownwood staple, winning too many awards to count for high-quality slow food and their impressive and diverse wine selection. No matter what kind of dining experience you are looking for, between the restaurant and the Turtle Enoteca, you can be as upscale or as casual as you want. 



The Unexpected Creativity of the Murals of Brownwood

One of the aspects of Brownwood that Amanda enjoyed the most was the abundance of murals all over town. The creativity and originality displayed throughout the town give Brownwood a warm welcoming feeling that many small towns are missing. More and more murals are on the way, and over time these spots have become destinations in their own right, with people wanting to get that perfect shot for their social media posts.



“A Bookstore Like Nothing I Have Ever Seen Before”

That is how Amanda described Intermission Bookshop. It is hard to disagree when you consider the book-lined archway that everyone wants to see, and the high ceilings that give the shop some incredible points of view, as well as the history of it being a theatre in the past with an actual wall where you can even see the silhouettes of where people used to sit for performances. Intermission is packed with all kinds of cool spaces to explore and get lost in a good book.



A Small Town Shopping Experience That is Absolutely Perfect

When we were discussing visiting Brownwood, one thing Amanda made clear was that she was not a big shopper, so she was not likely to focus too much time on that during her visit, but Shaw’s Marketplace completely changed her opinion. Amanda really enjoyed walking through all of the different shops, grabbing a coffee, and just taking in the whole experience. Shaw’s is such a great addition for Brownwood, and there really is something for everybody, from coffee, outdoor adventure gear, women’s boutique clothing, antiques, and all done with a great interior design and layout by the McCrane family, who have invested in continuing to add to the restoration of downtown Brownwood.  



A Classic Diner Experience at Runaway Train Cafe

Brownwood is a very laid-back town, and no place exemplifies that any better than Runaway Train Cafe. The throwback diner vibe was something that Amanda thought would be fun to experience and she enjoyed exploring the old train car, as well as stopping to grab a few photos before getting a bite to eat. Runaway Train has been recognized for years as one of the best restaurants in Brown County, and it made a great impression on Amanda as well.



Teddy’s Brewhaus Makes a Great Impression

Amanda loved exploring Teddy’s Brewhaus, and of course, sampling the legendary pretzels. It really is a space that just seems to keep going when you first visit with more rooms and more turns and great spaces and there is so much to it…from the brewery where the beer is being made, and then sampling a variety of beers, to the rotating food menu, and of course the live music patio, and so much more. There is just a lot to love about Teddys.  



Visit Brownwood, You Will Love It!

After her visit, Amanda had nothing but great things to say about the city, the people, and her visit and she also included Brownwood on her list of Top 4 Cozy Texas Towns To Visit This Fall for about we want to encourage other bloggers, influencers, and writers to visit Brownwood as well. We enjoy sharing our hometown and letting other people know what it is like to experience Brownwood, where it feels like home.