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Are you in the mood for some awesome music? Yes? Do you want to step back in time and wander the streets of a Western boomtown? Also yes? Then do we have the perfect place for you. Head down to Los Trece to catch Cody Kersh and Toby O’Neal live! You won’t regret it!


You don’t have to wait for a rerun of a John Wayne, John Ford, or Clint Eastwood movie to be transported to the Old West. You can do that for free, right here in Brown County. Located just outside of Early, Texas, Los Trece is Brown County’s premier Western destination. Between karaoke in the Forge saloon, cocktails and food at the Ironwood Cantina, axe throwing in the recreation area, and impromptu shootouts featuring the Legends of Iron gunfighters, this dusty boomtown has something for everyone. 

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