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Hylite Real Entertainment will be hosting its Monster Truck Family Reunion Tour Friday, July 16th, and Saturday, July 17th, at the Brown County Fairgrounds.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for kids ages 12 and under and can be purchased online here.

HyLite Real Entertainment prides itself on catering to the PRCA and PBR venues and arenas. HyLite’s shows are debris free, meaning we keep the dirt clean and ready for use. In the past, most shows would use cars or vans as obstacles, which always created a headache come clean up time. HyLite uses large equipment tires and dirt to build obstacles.

The difference between HyLite and other promoters is that WE are the show! Being able to control every aspect of the show allows us to control the quality of every show.

The owner and one of HyLite’s performers, Ricky Fowler grew up in the Lone Star State of Texas, playing with his trucks in the mud and crushing cars. He had a dream to one day drive monster trucks. Starting with old bog trucks, and then racing mega trucks, it was time to step up the game. Monster trucks it was! The rest is history!

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