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Just in time for Halloween, head over to the Brown County Museum of History for a ghastly, ghoulish getaway, and see if you can brave the Haunted Jail!

After the sheriff and his family abruptly departed the world of the living, no one was left to tend to the prisoners locked away in the cells above them. They were left upstairs to wither, and soon they joined the sheriff in the grave. Though their bodies may be cold in the ground, their souls still roam the halls and the cells of the old Brown County jail. After all, it was the sheriff’s home; not even death could make him vacate. And the prisoners? As it turns out, they signed up for much more than a life sentence. Don’t believe it? See it for yourself… if you dare.

TheĀ museum is excited to partner with the Early High School Band for this year’s spectral extravaganza! General admission tickets are $10, but you can skip the line with a $15 fast pass.

No one is allowed to enter the jail without a ticket, and all participants must sign a waiver before entering the building. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a paid adult.

To help ensure the preservation of the museum’s artifacts, no bags will be allowed inside the jail (this includes purses, diaper bags, backpacks, etc.). No strollers, baby carriers, costume props, costumes that are expansive or bulky (i.e. blow up dinosaurs).

The Museum staff or Band volunteers reserve the right to dismiss people from the property for refusal to comply to the rules of the Haunted Jail.

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