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Due to the horrific and tragic accident and loss of life that occurred on Nov 19th, Teddy’s Brewhaus  is going to make December 4th a night of support for the Andrews Mustangs. A bus carrying the High School Band to a playoff football game met with tragic outcomes.  The loss of a beloved teacher, Darin K. Johns and others was shocking. All proceeds raised in sales this evening at Teddy’s Brewhaus will be donated to a fund for those affected by the loss. There will also be donation jars and special sales in order to raise funds for a grieving community.  Teddy’s like so many desire to show love and support and give thanks for those who survived. Please come support this cause and show Andrew’s High School much needed love. God Bless them one and All. Be thankful and tell those close to you that you love them – we never know how long we have and life is good.

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