Getting to Know Brownwood BBQ

BBQ Means Different Things All Over the United States.

It is well known that bbq can be made a lot of different ways using a lot of different techniques. Whether you are in Memphis, Kansas City, or the Carolinas, you will find a great difference of opinion in what makes good bbq.

Of Course, Texas Has the Best BBQ

In Texas, most bbq is smoked but there is still room for a variety of opinions on what type of wood should be used, what spices should be included in the rub, do you use sauce or not, and if so what is the main ingredient of the sauce. In Brownwood, we are lucky to have a variety of amazing bbq joints, proving there are many ways to do great bbq. Get to know our local bbq experts and discover what kind of bbq you prefer!

Lemon’s Bar-B-Q

Since 1995, Keith and Wanda Lemons have been serving up their daily bbq buffet to the Brownwood community. Lemon’s Bar-B-Q also offers traditional meat plates, sandwiches, and meat by the pound, including brisket, ribs, turkey, ham, and sausage. Their menu is more than just bbq, featuring a variety of favorites including catfish, ribeye steaks, and chicken fried steak.

Chipster’s Grill

A recent 2020 Best of Brown County award winner, Chipster’s Grill is a mobile food truck providing bbq made with passion. Chipster’s has been there for communities all over Central Texas making food for fundraisers, firefighters, and being just a generally good guy, Chip has built a name in Brown County. Chipster’s is also great for catering for holiday events. You never know what might show up on the menu from the traditional bbq meats, to bologna, brisket enchiladas, and more.

Teddy’s Brewhaus

While Teddy’s is not exclusively a barbecue joint, they do fire up the grills and certainly hold their own with all of the local legends. Known to make a killer rack of ribs and a fantasic brisket, Jeff and his team have a rotating menu that does not always include bbq, so keep an eye on their social media accounts to find out when they will be firing up the smokers. Even if there is not bbq on the menu, the food is always great and the beers are crafted in house.

Stick’s BBQ

Sticks BBQ launched in Brownwood in 2001specializing in food that eases your Southern cravings. Sticks has your traditional bbq menu, but also offers pulled pork, which does not always make it onto a lot of Texas bbq menus. They also have a variety of reuben sandwiches, and po’ boys. Maybe most interesting is the dessert selection which includes cheesecake, pecan brownies, and of course bread pudding.

Smitty’s BBQ

Smitty’s BBQ has been a Brownwood tradition since 1972. Smith “Smitty” McArthur Jr. developed a barbecue sauce and rub that are still used today. His daughter now runs Smitty’s, and has kept things mostly the same, with the exception of the addition of a couple of side items. Smitty’s has been known for its sausage which is uniquely different than most Texas sausages, though the recipe is a secret. Mesquite smoked bbq cooked slow over a pit and topped with Smitty’s special blend makes bbq magic.

Underwood’s Cafeteria

Of all the Brownwood BBQ, nobody has a longer history and tradition than Underwood’s. Underwood’s had its beginning during the Depression in the 1930’s. A butcher from Brady, M.E. Underwood started selling bbq door-to-door and eventually along with his son, opened a barbecue stand on West Commerce Street. Today, Underwood’s is legendary for its barbecue, fried chicken, and those hot rolls. Since 1946, Underwood’s has been dishing out great food under the giant Underwood’s Bar-B-Q sign. Other highlights include their world-famous barbecue beef steak, German sausage, and fried catfish. All sides, fixings, and dessert are included with every meal, including the heavenly cobblers.

Explore the BBQ of Brownwood

So there you have a primer on bbq in Brownwood. Please keep in mind that many restaurants are observing hours that are not regularly posted on websites and social media, so please check with any location to make sure they will be open for your visit!